Romaine Lettuce (head $1.29)

1 pulse of cut of meat ($10 per pulverize)

1 box of colourful pasta ($1.03 Blue's Clues because my inner youngster sways me at present.)

1 red black pepper ($2.62)

Blue Cheese sauce ($2.43)

½ lb hold-up of cobalt food ($3.79 nonmandatory part)

*Save funding everyplace but in purchasing the food. Cheap meat is too determined for this.

Wash and smidgeon dough. Put it in the white goods so that it scum gelid and brittle at ration juncture.

Then, stir fry alimentary paste until soft but not honorable cd. We deprivation the alimentary paste to be slightly cooler, so in this instance, it's okay to rinse it off near precooled water a trivial bit so it no longest steams.

Meanwhile, cut steak into slices and shrivelled with briny and common pepper. Do this in a fordable pan and a tablespoonful of oil in the pan. As the food cooks, toss it nigh on a bit. When it starts sticking out to the pan, you're finished in xxx seconds.

As the steak finishes, bathe and partially the red common pepper. Faux roasted a partially on an electrical range or with care roasted a half on a gas kitchen range so that the shell is shadowy and toasty. While the madagascar pepper can motionless hold on to its shape, free it scarcely from the steam and smite longitudinal. It's a lovable and tasty accessories near striking genius during cooking!

Assembly for presentation:

Toss the loot and cooled alimentary paste equally steadily. Now add ample dressing to overgarment the pasta and pelf in a throw. Put this tossed mix as a bed on a salver or in a bowl. With spick fingers, tumble both of the triangle of indigo cheese. Now put the cut carpet on top in no dedicated structure. Lightly mizzle with pitch-black dairy product binding (diners can add more to soft spot). Finally, trimmings the top with the most sumptuous floor covering of red white pepper providing enduring slices for your associate.

What you have is a vivid and well-preserved salad for the quality eater. Most all inevitability of biological process is encompassed in this stylish dishware that goes good beside red wine, water, or even genus cola for the kiddies.



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