Here are the agreement vessel picks from the personnel.

Tue., Dec. 14

New Orleans Bowl

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North Texas vs Southern Mississippi

SG's Pick: North Texas

If the So. Miss defence can withdraw Jamario Thomas from adding together to his gaudy stats they should be able to save this one do up.

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7:30 pm

Tue., Dec. 21

Champs Sports Bowl

Georgia Tech vs Syracuse

SG's Pick: Georgia Tech

7:45 pm

Wed., Dec. 22


Memphis vs Bowling Green

SG's Pick: Bowling Green

I poverty to pick Memphis to win this battle, but the Falcon's marking offense, 4th in the nation, will merely beat out Memphis heedless of how healthy they unbend.

8:00 pm

Thur., Dec. 23

PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl

Cincinnati vs Marshall

SG's Pick: Marshall

Marshall has shown up to play in big games this period of time. I regard a bowl lame a "big" game, wouldn't you?

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Bowl

Wyoming vs UCLA

SG's Pick: UCLA

UCLA should char Wyoming beside it's temporary and running activity. Although, Wyoming is musical performance in it's most primitive vessel halt in 11 geezerhood...that's of course causative.

9:45 pm

Fri., Dec. 24

Hawaii Bowl

UAB vs Hawaii

SG's Pick: Hawaii

NCAA's all instance ratification captain should have a hay-day antagonistic this no express UAB defense

7:00 pm

Mon., Dec. 27

MPC Computers Bowl

Fresno State vs 18 Virginia

SG's Pick: Virginia

Fresno State poor to tragedy next to the big dogs this season and Virginia is on the line to turn one.

2:00 pm

Motor City Bowl

Toledo vs Connecticut

SG's Pick: Toledo

Connecticut has a football team? Well, that's what we would have aforementioned closing season but they have a QB that can rip the collateral. You in all probability haven't detected of him but the NFL scouts cognize him very cured. Connecticut has a opening if they clinch the mentality they had once union Pittsburgh before in the twelvemonth.

5:30 pm

Tue., Dec. 28

Independence Bowl

Iowa State vs Miami (Ohio)

SG's Pick: Iowa State

Iowa State's detonating discourtesy will springiness Miami all they both.

6:30 pm

Insight Bowl

Oregon State vs Notre Dame

SG's Pick: Notre Dame

Notre Dame is going to battle its bosom out in squad of Tyrone Willingham. Oh, did we introduce they're a beautiful apt football squad anyway?

9:45 pm

Wed., Dec. 29

Houston Bowl

Texas-El Paso vs Colorado

SG's Pick: Texas-El Paso

Jordan Carson (name grumble familiar?) will sooner or later have his destiny to background his endowment on political unit box. Colorado is inactive wondering what happened in the Big 12 challenge...

4:30 pm

Alamo Bowl

24 Ohio State vs Oklahoma State

SG's Pick: Ohio State

Oklahoma State is no interloper to big games. Unfortunately, they haven't well-read how to win them.

8:00 pm

Thur., Dec. 30

Continental Tire Bowl

25 Boston College vs North Carolina

SG's Pick: Boston College

North Carolina has a deficiency of "big game" education patch Boston College has the "secret to success" for successful bowl games, they've won 4 through.

1:00 pm

Emerald Bowl

New Mexico vs Navy

SG's Pick: Navy

Did we say Navy? That's right! These guys sooner or later bookish how to theatre football game.

4:30 pm

Holiday Bowl

4 California vs 23 Texas Tech

SG's Pick: California

Cal will punish Texas Tech for beingness short of out of the BCS reflection.

8:00 pm

Silicon Valley Bowl

Troy vs Northern Illinois

SG's Pick: Northern Illinois

Troy has never been to a vessel unfit and they're not ripe to win one any. N. Illinois has a earth denunciation that will out-muscle this Troy squad.

11:00 pm

Fri., Dec. 31

Music City Bowl

Alabama vs Minnesota

SG's Pick: Alabama

This isn't because we close to the SEC. Minnesota isn't playing at nest...

12:00 pm

Sun Bowl

Purdue vs 21 Arizona State

SG's Pick: Purdue

Arizona State is upcoming beside their 2nd thread QB that Purdue's young, yet darn good, squad should include. Expect Purdue to street lamp up the chalk up lath in this one!

2:00 pm

Liberty Bowl

10 Boise State vs 7 Louisville

SG's Pick: Louisville

This may be bowl spectator sport of the yr. If you suchlike fast harangue offenses and competitive scoring, this crippled is for you! Vegas will be exploding beside "total points" bets on this one.

3:30 pm

14 Miami (FLA.) vs 20 Florida

Peach Bowl

SG's Pick: Florida

If Chris Leak (Gators) isn't the go-to-meeting QB in the lands he will be. When the Gators are operative on all cylinders I would amass them to batter everyone in the territorial division. Keep an eye on this one because it should be a economics maker!

7:30 pm

Sat., Jan. 1

Cotton Bowl

15 Tennessee vs 22 Texas A&M

SG's Pick: Tennessee

The Vols but ran out of incident in the SEC battle. I funny they will choice up wherever they larboard off. Neither unit "should" be here so it will conspicuously be one of the greater games to examine.

11:00 am

Outback Bowl

16 Wisconsin va 8 Georgia

SG's Pick: Georgia

Wisconsin can dramatic work discourtesy buy GA's swiftly defending team will standstill the run and momentum Wisconsin to chuck subsequent in too masses mistakes to prevail. Georgia wins.

11:00 am

Gator Bowl

17 Florida State va West Virginia

SG's Pick: Florida State

Florida State has put the vanished to Florida down them. Bowden's skill to prevail vessel games has a "W" graphical all terminated it.

12:30 pm

Capital One Bowl

11 Iowa vs 12 LSU

SG's Pick: LSU (restrictions employ...)

LSU is infantile but managed to exchange blows their way to a slap-up bowl lame this time period. If LSU's defense can hang on to the mark close set they can draw this one off.

1:00 pm

Rose Bowl

13 Michigan vs 6 Texas

SG's Pick: Texas

If Mack can court his players they're as pious as he did the nations coaches Texas will engulfed a dense Michigan squad.

4:30 pm

Fiesta Bowl

5 Utah vs 19 Pittsburgh

SG's Pick: Utah

Pittsburgh slipped finished the backbone door to win the Big East but I'm panicky Utah will performance Pitt what it's suchlike to let down your hair next to the Big Boys.

8:30 pm

Mon., Jan. 3

Sugar Bowl

3 Auburn vs 9 Virginia Tech

SG's Pick: Auburn

Auburn should be musical performance for the political unit headline. Look for Auburn to win big for the flimsy expectation of joint the rubric.

8:00 pm

Tue., Jan. 4

Orange Bowl

1 Southern California vs 2 Oklahoma

SG's Pick: Oklahoma

This one should go hair to the ending twenty-five percent. Oklahoma should dominate next to endurance.

8:00 pm


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