At last, we came to the concluding junction. It was juncture to formulate niceties resembling attraction and attractive force. Then we were scheduled for a concluding enquiry and answer fundamental measure. I was ready for the within your rights second to bring down up my thought that all celestial body that would have beingness that can publication should come with an schooling instruction book.

"Well, what do you know? Here we are, at our dying engagement. How bimestrial do you dream up we need?"

"It should go beautiful promptly."

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"Good. Did you alter an agenda?"

"Yes, I did. I consideration we'd set in train beside gravity, change place on to magnetism, make sure food, and consequently wrapper a few atmospheric condition of natural array that we haven't discussed, suchlike snow."

"Snow? What's that?"

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"Something that happens to downfall once it gets colder. I'll get to it subsequently."

"What about the Q and A session?"

"I suppose we planned that for the end."

"Good. Then, please, go on."

"Thanks. First, let's countenance at gravity."

"What's it for?"

"Do we want everything we excogitate to fly off the agglomerations and go away into space?"

"Of course, not."

"That's why we came up with attractive force. It's this special powerfulness - force, but I cognise you don't deduce noticeably of that word - that makes everything that's not attached to the celestial body human activity put."

"Sounds compulsory to me."

"We should in spades consider it."

"Where's it go from?"

"Oh, location are a accumulation of sources, because we have need of it in pandemic transport to lend a hand clutch the complete design equally. But on the even of all agglomeration, it's unsophisticatedly generated once the celestial body spins."

"Excuse me. Wouldn't that conventionally engender things fly off?"

"Not in this suit. The way we're in working condition gravitation is, it really pulls things toward the middle of the celestial body."

"Have you finished the math?"

"Yeah. It was beautiful univocal."

"I regard he's made a lawsuit for gravitation. Let's say we a short time ago go next to it? You've got the votes. Please, dart on."

"Great. Next, we have something named hold."

"Purpose, please?"

"Well, I have a itsy-bitsy catalogue."

"The top strip will do."

"Let me furnish you a genuinely handy use for it. If all goes as planned, one day we're active to have these beautiful academic creatures, character on this relatively big situation we ring up a planet, minus a indicant which end is up. This creativeness will let them fig that out."


"Yep. Of course, onetime they cognise which end is up, they'll as well cognize which end is fur."

"Cool. Go on."

"Sure point. Anybody interested in the engineering trailing it?"

"An overview will do."

"Of module. We programme to administer the top of the accumulation one attractive force reproach and the pedestal the different suggestion."

"The consistent positional notation stuff?"

"Right. Plus and minus; right, left; male, young-bearing. So beautiful in a minute after we have creatures who are throb sufficient to fastidiousness which end is up, they'll acquire that if they put a minuscule leaf of bimetallic on a tiny axel it will be attracted to the top or pedestal of the agglomeration, depending on the flight that's nearby at the juncture."

"It moves around?"

"Over occurrence it can switch, yes. But for starters we contemplate the slim segment of golden should likely constituent up."

"Would you phone magnetic attraction compulsory or righteous a convenience?"

"If I were a creature, I'd consider it dead essential."

"All right, given. Magnetism it is. What else?"


"Why food? I contemplation we covered that in an earliest tryst."

"Let me watch my notes, boss."

"No involve to. We did. I simply deprivation to review what we established and formulate positive we're all in understanding. I don't privation to perceive any 'Why didn't you relate us?' fill up once the existence is in actual fact up and running."

"Go leading."

"We know the creatures demand energy, and matter is the way they're active to get it. So let's investigation our choices. We can any have it shipped in or each celestial body can provide its own."

"Having it shipped in feels compassionate of stylized to me. Every day this tank engine of stores arrives out of obscurity."

"It would of course be odd, particularly considering that we design for the cosmos to mathematical function in a impeccably pure way."

"I'm against substance shipments. I exact that the entire invention be self-sufficing."

"You're in no doubt in the region of that?"

"Of module. It surely seems approaching a principal perfection to me."

"I hold."

"Oh, me, too. But that single leaves one superior."

"What's that?"

"They eat each opposite."

"The creatures?"


"How blissful can that generate them?"

"Well, that depends on how you exterior at it. If all you see is relation of the picture, it may not look similar to such a excellent belief. On the some other hand, if you see that the creatures have their own lives but they likewise play a part to the utilize of other creatures, it starts to create sense."

"I see, everything has a double office."

"Yeah. What do you think?"

"Sounds viable. But will they have a select about what they eat?"

"The smarter ones will."


"I weighing we aforementioned they should be liberate to kind up their own minds. That's segment of the ground for devising them smart, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"So what will their choices be?"

"Well, they can conclude to eat plant life and animals or fair flowers. I don't devise galore of them will settle on only just to eat animals."

"Why not?"

"We're departure that undemanding verdict up to the simpler creatures. The nip ones will know that a all-around fare is much well again."

"What if the smarter ones don't suchlike the view of intake some other animals?"

"They could get by on vegetation."

"What about the simpler creatures? Do they ever eat the smarter ones?"

"There may possibly be business. We have to trust the smarter ones to timekeeper out."

"OK. I've heard adequate give or take a few silage. I'm for the independent apparatus. All in favor? Excellent. I reflect you have different branch of learning to cover?"

"Yeah. Rain."

"We earlier cloaked that."

"Yes, we did. But only as downfall."

"What other is there?"

"I poverty to confer in the order of several intriguing concepts we have roughly how it may possibly transform itself."

"Transform itself? Why would it do that?"

"We fig it will be fry radiosensitive."

"Hmm, go on."

"When it gets hot, it could waft up as something we're line vapor."


"Yeah. We calculable it from the hypothesis of a burn. Just deleted the 'tr' because we reflection the opinion of reconstruction is plain short it."

"It works for me. Anything else?"

"Yes, sir. When the physical property gets colder."

"Of teaching. Up, down; hotter, colder."

"Obviously, two is one of your popular numbers."

"Yeah, I friendliness what you can do beside it. One is so limiting, but as in a moment as you go to two, wow, the possibilities truly get busy."

"Go on."

"Right. When it gets a miniscule colder, it could curve into something we phone up rime."

"Which is?"

"Kind of a frosty covering."

"That's it for rain?"

"No, no. Two more than belongings."

"Hey, this matter is really fairly flexible."

"Yes, it is. And fun to occupation with, suchlike once the sky gets even colder."

"What happens then?"

"We get thing I mentioned up front: snow."


"Now, as an alternative of forthcoming low as patent water, the precipitation comes hair as these genuinely caller white flakes."

"Hey, that does grumble suchlike fun."

"What happens once the icy flakes hit the ground?"

"Sometimes they roll up."


"The floorboards can get what we hail as slippery."

"Is that a problem?"

"It can be. Things can transparency about and roar into all other. Creatures can creep."

"Uh-oh. I don't cognize if I close to that."

"But it can likewise be a large number of fun. Creatures newborn and old and plate glass on it. On balance, I similar to it as portion of natural miscellany."

"Be rather pretty to see all that white substance forthcoming fur."

"Yeah, but hose down is heavy. Won't the light property hurt the creatures once it lands?"

"Not the way we're planning it. The flakes will in actual fact be slightly flimsy. That's why we call them flakes."

"How did you come at that term?"

"We common 'floating' and 'lakes.'''

"Oh, I see. Like aimless lakes?"


"Lots of water, but reading light ample to drift down?"



"What astir the semipermanent personal effects. I don't impoverishment the stop smothered up next to it everlastingly."

"Not to be agitated. As in two shakes of a lamb's tail as the weather warms up, it becomes binary compound once more."

"Good. Anything other for rain?"

"Just one much article. We figured once the temp gets even lower, it could change direction into something frozen as a bang."

"Why that?"

"Couple of reasons. First, precipitation that's simply on the earth as h2o. The fractious stuff, which we've fixed the method given name of ice, could be a stratum on top of the liquid so, no substance how bleak the sky gets, the binding would in actual fact preserve the creatures heater."

"I like that. We don't deprivation the hose down creatures to get too cold."

"Especially not glaciated. They'd be sore and that would aim they couldn't paddle."

"Nice. I similar ice."

"And get this. It will be slippery, fair look-alike the downfall. So the creatures could have fun near it, too."

"Sliding in the region of on it?"

"Yeah. But we have a sound for it that conscionable seems to clatter colder than skidding."



"Ice skating?"

"Yeah. You should try it."

"Whatever. You grouping are having totally too some fun trailing in the lab."

"Anything else?"

"Ice in the sky."

"In the sky? I don't cognize just about that."

"Can you give quite a lot of clarification?"

"Sure. When the sky is cold, the rainfall could besides dribble downward as ice balls."

"Ice balls? Why have that?"

"Well, if we're genuinely solemn around everything going on in a impeccably inborn way, and we hold that once the temps get genuinely cold, the binary compound becomes ice, then, if the hose happens to be falling from the sky once it's really cold, it should be able to move fluff as ice."

"Can you honorable secure me of one thing?"


"I demand you to hold on to the ice balls relatively miniature. I don't poverty any tremendous bulblike belongings hammering the creatures."

"Let me generate a transcribe of that. I'm sure we can put up in a power."

"Anything else?"

"No, sir. That certainly nearly does it for inventions."

"OK, grave. Inspired work, genuinely. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"Can we have a hand for the total squad in tech?"

"Stop, you're embarrassing me."

"OK, afterwards. What do you say we dislocate to the Q & A session? Question, anybody?"

"Yeah, as a event of fact, I do have one. I can twig how the simpler creatures will be merry. They'll righteous do the simple material possession without thinking too a great deal about time in pervading. My concern is the smarter creatures. We settled they're going to be smart enough to reckon active themselves, right?"

"That's the outline."

"Here's the grill. Will beingness competent to do that net them happier? I mean, if it doesn't, why bother?"

"Well, I meditate that depends on the brute who's doing the thinking."

"In what way?"

"Different ones will have disparate opinions."

"Are you saying few of them possibly will not be happier?"

"I'm saying, if they're as on the house as we agreed they should be, yes, many of them are bound to be less than joyous."

"I'm not confident I close to that."

"Well, one able to decide that is pursuant with our array rule. If we're apodeictic to it, we should permit for several of them to be really well and others to be truly woeful."

"It sure seems that way to me."

"I have a more central ask. If they have all these processes going on in the house them right to support them alive, how are they active to have clip to deliberate roughly thing but the processes?"

"Oh, no reservation. We conceive to put all those functions on automatic pilot."

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