This is the starting arrangement between the procurer and broker which sets out the careful requisites lower than which the "Acte de vente" will be completed and how the move of the geographic area will takings position.

It is a unalterable arrangement that is signed previously any transfer takes stick by the functionary.

There is, however, a seven day chilling off time during which the vendee may actuation out lacking forfeiting any of his build-up (usually 10% of the purchase fee). This term begins from the example the customer receives a subscribed written account of the compromise and if you make up one's mind to tug out of the group action consequently you must alert the notaire by inscribed substantiation BEFORE the seven days are completed. The client does not have to impart any expert explanation for this and should anticipate your geological phenomenon returned to you in 21 years of the notaire unloading the epistle. It essential be celebrated then again that if the client pulls out of the operation after this fundamental quantity past you are likely to losing the sediment unless any of the "conditions suspensive" (conditional clauses) are not met.

The Compromis de vente can be autographed any at the material possession bureau itself or at the notaire's place of business. It can be drawn up by the material possession bureau or by the notaire - it is always safer to gestural one up by a official as it is more expected to look after you and count more record on the transaction.

The functionary should put in any example beside you on the particulars of the trade and summary any "conditions suspensives" such as the written agreement existence problem to mortgage approval for case in point.

Information held within the compromis:

· Details of the vendee and vendor- You will be asked to endow records on your well-mannered importance which includes the following: Full names, communication details, pass copies, professions, showtime and matrimony certificates and info of ex spouses

· Title facts of the property

· A demarcation of the assets and a map of the game viewing its crystal-clear site inwardly the cooperative shown by the "plan cadastral" viewing the borders of the belongings and what buildings are built-in in the purchase

· The price of the property

· The united sedimentation which is in the main 10% of the price tag of the assets (excluding the property agent's administrative unit). This build-up will in general be held by the nominative Notaire and should be in his picture upon language so be prepared and product convinced that you have decent cleared funds to do this

· Circumstances once the sludge may be lost (e.g if the purchaser pulls out AFTER seven life of unloading the written account of the signed Compromis)

· Declarations by the retailer and obligations of the purchaser

· Certificates of lead, amphibole and insect surveys (detailed beneath) or measures for them

· Conditional Clauses that must be consummated in directive for the marketing to nick locate. These contain the ensign clauses pertaining to the searches conducted by the Notaire (e.g restriction on the chattels one utilised for its willful occupation), claims on the Title, security interest acquiescence etc. Also second clauses can be inserted if agreed by some parties specified as structure employment to be realised or coupling of boiler, preparation permission etc.

· Penalty clauses describing what exploit is interpreted if any lateral fails to accomplish his/her subdivision of the deal

· Declarations on some the customer and seller's expertise to carry through the contract

· Details of (Frais de Notaire) Notary fees

· Target pass completion date

· Inventory of items included in the sale

Fortunately in France the law states that the merchant is low a ineligible must to not deny any records style the buyer and so the bargain hunter is amazingly cured defended. This includes the successive content required for the signing of the compromis to payoff place:

1) The asbestos opinion poll - Any goods built beforehand the 1st of July 1997 essential be accompanied by a document particularization whether or not asbestos is modern in the creation materials utilised in its construction which is legal for one year

2) The termite card - The trader essential corroborate a pass unstylish inside the ultimate 3 months display the absence of white ant infection inside the geographic area. If the ticket shows that in that are in certainty termites in the edifice after he must extinguish them at his own expense and furnish a new document display that the location is now disentangled from termites

3) Lead card - If the belongings was reinforced back January 1st 1948 and is placed in an country which has been identified by the administrative division as an at hazard state for containing front later a credentials essential be produced viewing its existence or not

4) Certificat de la loi Carrez - A authorization screening the on the surface area of respectively lodging or level in a co-owned property

Those 4 certificates above are chief to have past the compromis is subscribed and they are all provided by the peddler. Additional message set out down must besides be supplied by the vender as the notaire carries out the conveyancing:

1) The holding kudos of the property

2) A papers to gala that the belongings conforms to the location regulations

3) The building consent for the property

4) Whether or not the place has construction protection if it is less than ten years old or if it has had whichever industry through with to it in the closing ten years

5) The heating system

6) The gas supply

7) The refuge ordinary of the swimming pool

8) The voidance system

It is as well dexterous for the buyer to scrutinize to see if location is any preparation permission on bordering or in the neighbourhood geographical region and discovery out in particular what it is so that you cognize you are not purchasing thing that will for instance not long have a high-ranking get up flat log jam improved adjacent to it. You can do this simply by guest the local Mairie (town foyer) and asking for it.

If you privation to know more almost the general route of purchasing a property in France, see our articles at

Good luck!

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