People are ever enquiring as where on earth do humorists get their cockamamie accepted wisdom all the juncture. Once for a while you may hit upon a mirthful file or mindless joke, but to foam out an relentless body of water of laughable concept is no kid(no pun well-meaning).

So, where on earth and how do the paid funniness writers do it? It's all up in the caput and the weighty classified is the reasoning procedure. The assemblage of artistic quality and vision is the front maneuver that will lead your ideas to the hilarious coating.

To be agile and creative, you got to let your noesis ramble of your own accord and foolishly even to hokum. Don't be pent-up.
Many a times, the optimum laugh appeared in the utmost upset muddle.

Here are v techniques which you can bring forth jocular ideas:

1.Incongruity - by sex activity of opposites or contrasts.

2.Reverse - by shift or reverting of situations.

3.Similarity - by conjugation of the self or similar things,

person or situations

4.Words - by exploitation puns, oxymorons, cliches and figure of speech

5.Switches - by exploitation others'ideas solely as a protrusive thorn.

These are the iv indispensable atmospheric condition of humor:

1.Surprise - astonishing wind to the ending

2.Realism - fact or logic that can be bound up to or recognised

3.Exaggeration - sincere deformation to the degree of absurdity

4.Victim - the butt of the joke

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